Twilight Struggle Table Top Size

Twilight Struggle Table Top Size

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Twilight Struggle  The Cold War, 1945-1989; the struggle between the United Sates and Russia for world leadership.

GMT Games LLC’s most popular game.

This Big Board Game requires a copy of the game to play and does not include rules, dice, player aid or strategy cards.

This Big Board Game set includes the Map and Counters for the game, using an enlarged version of the latest artwork from GMT Games LLC. All Big Board Games components are coated with a proprietary clear coating which provides protection from UV light and is scuff and water resistant.

Rolled Map – Approximately 30 by 46 inches+, printed on coated paper bonded to thick Tyvek. It consists of two 48 x 36 inch sheets, trimmed to provide an apparent seamless Map when overlapped. (The original Map is 22 by 34 inches.)  This set is shipped in a heavy-wall shipping tube which is 4 or 5 inches in diameter and 38 inches long.  Approximate weight is 6 pounds.

Counters – 260  0.73 inch square Counters, mounted on 1/8 inch Foam Board, and precisely cut. (The original counters are 9/16 (.5625) inches.)

Upgrade to 1/8th thick cardboard Counters – add $30.00

We do not offer a Mounted Map for this Big Board Game.