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This Big Board Game set includes the Map and Counters for the game, using an enlarged version of the 2007 artwork.  All Big Board Games components are coated with a proprietary clear coating which provides protection from UV light and is scuff and water resistant.

Extra set of Counters              30.00

Rolled Map – Approximately 48 x 72 inches, printed on coated paper bonded to thick Tyvek.  It consists of two 48 x 36 inch sheets, trimmed to provide an apparent seamless Map when overlapped.  (The original Map is 22 by 34 inches.) $180.00

Additional map sizes available:

Dining Table 42x62 inches $155.00

Counter Top 36x55 inches $145.00

Convention Table 30x46 inches $130.00

Mounted Map – Approximately 48 x 72 inches, printed on coated paper adhered to 3/16 inch Poster Board.  It consists of four 24 x 36 inch sections, overlapped to provide an apparent seamless Map.  (The original Map is 22 by 34 inches.)

Counters – 169 1 1/6 (1.156) inch square Counters, printed on coated paper, mounted on 1/8 inch Foam Board, and precisely cut.  (The original counters are 5/8 (.625) inches.)

Boxed Game Description

Description of Monmouth, The Longest Battle of the American Revolution, June 28, 1778:

Publisher: GMT Games, LLC  Designer: Mark Miklos  Game Developer: Paul Stoecker.

Monmouth is a 2 player game of the longest battle of the American Revolution, fought on the hottest day in New Jersey history to that time.  Washington wanted to catch the British army and its new commander, Clinton, as it moved from Philadelphia to their base in New York city.  He chose a crossroads at Monmouth Courthouse (modern Freehold, New Jersey).  His plan called for an advanced corps of about 5,000 under Major General Charles Lee, to spring on the British rear guard.

Apparently Lee lost his nerve upon contact, and Washing found him leading a force in retreat.  Amongst other things, Washington relieved Lee of command on the battlefield, and fought all day to a draw.  The British and Clinton continued on their way to Sandy Hook.  Incidentally, more men died of sunstroke than wounds that day. The box includes three shorter scenarios, too.

Medium complexity, fair Solitaire compatibility. The game includes GMT’s Battles of the American Revolution Series Rulebook, an Exclusive Monmouth Rule Book, player aid cards and a 10 sided die.