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This Big Board Game set includes the Map and Counters for the game, using an enlarged version of the 2005 artwork.  All Big Board Games components are coated with a proprietary clear coating which provides protection from UV light and is scuff and water resistant.


Map Sizes

Standard Map 48x72" - $195.00

Dining Table Map 42x65" - $175.00

Counter Top Map 36x55" - $155.00

Convention Table Map 30x46" - $145.00



Boxed Game Description

Description of Savannah – October 9, 1779 “Poor Fellows, I Envy You” Battles of the American Revolution, Volume IV

Publisher: GMT Games, LLC  Designer: Mark S. Miklos

Savannah is a 2 to 3 player game of the Siege of Savannah, an American-French force attempting to capture Savannah, Georgia.  The British had held the port only three weeks, so had little time to prepare for what they knew was going to be a major onslaught from professional soldiers who had experience making and breaking sieges.  (That would be the French.)  The Allied forces are actually played separately, d’Estaing for the French, Benjamin Lincoln for the Americans.  Coordination was difficult, as was the weather and supply.  Both sides worked feverishly to prepare, both sides fought fiercely once the Coup de Main was launched.

  • Low counter density — offers lots of room for maneuver.
  • Decisive, substantial and marginal levels of victory.
  • Random play, not ‘I go, You go’ sequence assures variability of play.
  • Army Morale track measures tenacity and will to fight
  • Specialty units: American and German rifle fire; American Partisans
  • 8 tactics chits with some restrictions to gain close combat modifiers
  • Combat results that include Pinned, Captured, and step reduction
  • Historical and campaign scenarios
  • Setup in minutes, play in 3 hours or less

Medium-high complexity, Low Solitaire Suitability.  Contains a 22 x 34 inch Deluxe Map, Series Rulebook, Savannah Exclusive Rulebook including two scenarios, two Player Aid Cards, 55 Random Event Cards, 176 5/8″ Counters, and one 10-sided die.