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This Big Board Game set includes the Map and Counters for the game, using an enlarged version of the 2007 artwork.  All Big Board Games components are coated with a proprietary clear coating which provides protection from UV light and is scuff and water resistant.

Extra set of Counters              30.00

Rolled Map – Approximately 48 x 72 inches, printed on coated paper bonded to thick Tyvek.  It consists of two 48 x 36 inch sheets, trimmed to provide an apparent seamless Map when overlapped.  (The original Map is 22 by 34 inches.)

Counters – 169 1 1/6 (1.156) inch square Counters, printed on coated paper, mounted on 1/8 inch Foam Board, and precisely cut.  (The original counters are 5/8 (.625) inches.)

Boxed Game Description

Description of Germantown, Washington Strikes Back! October 4, 1777 – Battles of the American Revolution, Volume VII

Publisher: GMT Games, LLC  Designers: Mark S. Miklos and Bill Madison.

Germantown is a 2 player game of the bold attack by Washington in Pennsylvania within a month after the defeat at Brandywine Creek. It is a battle of maneuver and confusion, with a four-pronged attack confused by a night march.  What was supposed to be a surprise for the British was a tragic case of Continentals firing on Continentals in the fog, with troops routed.

Historically, the British pursued the fleeing Americans who were running.  Washington and his lieutenants are stunned.  A lament, “a glorious victory fought for and eighth tenths won, was shamefully but mysteriously lost.”

Moderate complexity, medium Solitaire Suitability.  Contains a 22 x 34 inch Map, Series and Battle Scenario Books, two Player Aid Cards, 169 Counters, 16 Tactics Cards, and two 10-sided dice.