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Saratoga (2nd Ed)
Saratoga (2nd Ed)
Saratoga (2nd Ed)
Saratoga (2nd Ed)

Saratoga (2nd Ed)

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This Big Board Game set includes the Map and Counters for the game, using an enlarged version of the 2007 artwork.  All Big Board Games components are coated with a proprietary clear coating which provides protection from UV light and is scuff and water resistant.



Map Sizes

Standard Map 48x72" - $195.00

Dining Table Map 42x65" - $175.00

Counter Top Map 36x55" - $155.00

Convention Table Map 30x46" - $145.00

Boxed Game Description

Description of Saratoga, The turning Point of the American Revolution, 1777 – Battles of the American Revolution, Volume I

Publisher: GMT Games, LLC  Designer: Mark S. Miklos  Developer: Paul Stoecker

Saratoga is a 2 player game of the British attempt to cut the “Colonies” in half by a bold campaign, led by “Gentleman Johnny” Burgoyne, coming down from Canada to meet the British forces in New York city.  Saratoga was chosen by the Americans as the place where they were to make a stand — the last “good ground” for a battle that side of New York.

Burgoyne’s force, including Hessians and supported by friendly Indians, had taken Fort Ticonderoga without a shot, and were confident that they would rout any Americans they faced, including regulars, as they had in nearly every battle of the Revolution until then.  Opposing them was Generals Gates and Arnold (personal enemies), and a fairly well-trained and very determined Continental Army, who had the opportunity to prepare defenses for what ever the British would bring.

The first battle is of Freeman’s Farm, which, though fought long and hard by both sides, was a marginal tactical victory for the British.  They held the Farm at the end of the day.  The second battle, known as Bemis Heights, ended up as a rout, with the British in fast retreat.  Both battles are in this game, the second is called “The Second Day”.

Moderate complexity, high Solitaire Suitability.  Contains a 22 x 34 inch Map, Series and Battle Scenario Books, two Player Aid Cards, two Ammunition Depletion Rosters, 176 Counters, and one 10-sided die.