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  1. Hello.I’m interested in an enlarged Victory In Europe map by Columbia Games.Is one available and what the the price be.Thank you,Ralph Kluk

  2. The Victory in Europe Map with pawns and the 1939 scenario setup is $65.00 plus shipping. It is shipped in a 3 inch square box. We ship Priority Mail. If you’ll provide your ZipCode, we’ll compute the shipping cost. We accept PayPal and checks.

    Best regards,
    Bill Alderman
    Big Board Games LLC

  3. I just sent you a post. I forgot to tell you the size, which is 30 x 42 inches. In addition to the Map, three corners include the Production/Resource Charts, one corner is the Minor Powers order of battle.

  4. Bill, do you have any Big Circus Maximus sets in stock?

    Jeff F

  5. Questions about Empire of the Sun. How much space does the mounted set take up when storing. Not sure how the mounted maps are put together? Does the Big Board version include all of the counters from the 2nd edition (2015) game?

    Are you still making For the People. I saw a Virgin Queen somewhere. Are you still making those? Any other multiplayer games like Sword of Rome, Successors or GMT’s COIN games? Thanks

  6. Can you send me an order sheet? I am interested in purchasing the Twilight Struggle set. Can you tell me what is included? Will you be at PrezCon?

  7. Jeff:

    Thanks for asking!

    I have several. The price is $195 plus shipping, includes the Circus Maximus Track, Start Track, dice, 12 Laminated Driver’s Logs, 12 Sharpies, etc.; Counters (12 Chariots & Teams, Lap, speed, wrecks, running/dragged drivers, etc.) There are miniatures (Chariots and Teams) available: 8 unpainted: $80.00; 8 painted bundled with CM game: $360.00; 12 unpainted: $115.00; 12 painted bundled with CM game: $430.00. Packaging is $15.00; shipping is actual cost of Priority Mail. Email be at for more info, including pix of all components. Once I have your address, I’ll compute shipping cost.

  8. Thanks for asking!

    The most common size of a Big Board Game Map is approximately 48 by 72 inches. Mounted sets of that size are in four pieces, each 3 x 4 feet. They fit in a “mirror box” which is 37 x 27 x 4 inches. While a Mounted map appears nice, almost all customers prefer the rolled set, especially those who have purchased a mounted one in spite of my advice! The mirror box is oversize – shipping cost is significantly higher, it is awkward to store, and very awkward to transport to, say, a convention and, worse yet, on an airplane. The quality of components is unchanged.
    I’m offering 1/8th inch thick cardboard counters in lieu of the 1/8th inch foam board ones for an additional $15.00 per sheet. All recent customers prefer them. It’s your choice.
    For the People is a very popular Big Board Game. Our most popular BBGs are Paths of Glory, For the People, Bitter Woods, and Napeolonic Wars. Twilight Struggle has become one of the most popular titles recently.
    We’ve shipped several copies of the following: Virgin Queen, Here I Stand, and Napoleonic Wars. The first two of these come in the standard 48 x 72 inch format or a Map made from a single sheet with the individual player’s card attached to the Map – made to fit on either a 60 inch or 72 inch round table.
    Big Board Games LLC has a license to make any of GMT’s games in a large format. We’ve not shipped a COIN game as none have been ordered. Let me know whcih
    Send me an email at

    and I’ll send you more info including price sheets, order forms and pix of whatever games in which you’re interested.

  9. Jay: Thanks for the question! Please email me: I’ll send you a price sheet, order forms. The Map for Twilight Struggle is currently produced at 48 by 72 inches, or in a single-shee Map of 30 by 46 inches — the latter designed to fit on a standard 30 inch wide table.

    Best regards,

    Bill Alderman
    Big Board Games LLC

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