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Here I Stand Big Board Game includes the Map, 6 Power Cards, the Religious Struggle Card (top portion) and 576  Counters for the game, using an enlarged version of the original artwork.

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The Big Board Game set includes the Map with all 6 Power Cards,and the Religious Struggle Card (top portion) on one sheet and 576  Counters for the game, using an enlarged version of the 2006 artwork.  All Big Board Games components are coated with a proprietary clear coating which provides protection from UV light and is scuff and water resistant.

Rolled Map, Power Cards and Religious Struggle Card – Approximately 42 x 60  inches, printed on coated paper bonded to thick Tyvek.  The Map includes all of the Cards around it’s outside edge, and is designed and cut to fit a 60-inch circular table.    (The original Map is 22 by 34 inches, the Power Cards are 8 1/2 by 5 1/2 inches, the Religious Struggle Card is 8 1/2 by 11 inches.)

Counters – 576 Counters, including square/rectangles of  four sizes, circles and hexagonals.   The Counters are printed on coated paper, mounted on 1/8 inch Foam Board, and precisely cut, except for “stand-up” Leaders, which are mounted on heavy cardboard.

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Boxed Game Description

Description of Here I Stand – Wars of the Reformation 1517-1555:

Publisher: GMT Games LLC   Designer: Ed Beach

Here I Stand  is a 3-to-6 player game covering the political and religious conflicts of early 16th century Europe.  The game covers all the action of the period using a unique card-driven game system that models both the political and religious conflicts of the period on a single point-to-point map.  There are six main powers in the game, each with a unique path to victory: the Ottomans, Hapsburgs, French, English, protestants. and the Papacy.  A two-player variant, including additional strategy cards, was published in GMT Game’s C31 Magazine.

Medium Complexity, Low Solitaire Suitability.  Contains a 22 x 34 inch Map, 110 Strategy Cards,  Rules Booklet, Scenario Booklet, 2 Reference Cards, 6 Power Cards, 1 Religious Struggles Card,  576 Counters of various sizes and shapes, and ten 6-sided dice.

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